Welcome Message from KST

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of The Korean Society of Traumatology, it is indeed my honor and privilege to welcome you all, to the 8th Pan Pacific Trauma Congress which will be held in Seongnam, Korea, from 3 to 5 September 2020. I would also like to thank the Armed Forces Medical Command and the Organizing Committee for all the effort put into preparing this event.

Over the last decade, the importance of dedicated trauma centers capable of treating the severely traumatized has been recognized. Physicians, surgeons, and researchers have strived for excellence and a higher standard of care for trauma patients. We saw trauma staffs from both civilian and military sectors come together to establish effective trauma care system including 15 regional trauma centers and 33 trauma specialist training hospitals across the country.

Pan Pacific Trauma Congress aims to bring together healthcare professionals from all stages of trauma care including the pre-hospital, hospital and rehabilitation process. Our program offers a concise update of recent research and progress in diverse sections of trauma care. We hope this event provides you with opportunities to meet and interact with distinguished experts of trauma care. I look forward to meet you at the 8th Pan Pacific Trauma Congress 2020.

Welcome and best wishes,

Young Ho Lee

Chairman, Board of Directors
The Korean Society of Traumatology