Welcome Message from KST

Dear Colleagues

As a president of The Korean Society of Traumatology, I deeply appreciate all the participants joining this 8th Pan-Pacific Trauma Congress.

For the last several years, we have put our whole effort in establishing a high-level trauma system, good trauma education program, and a good co-operation system between civil and military trauma division. Accordingly, the preventable death rate of trauma patients in Korea has also decreased from the initial 50.3% to the latest 19.9%. The establishment of traumatic center and the maturity of the traumatic system have achieved this remarkable results. and I appreciate all the efforts made by the members of our society.

However, there are still a lot of works to do for the well-balanced maintenance of trauma care, and the integration of regional trauma system. I truly believe that these problems can well improved with our continuous efforts and dedication.

Thus, we are gathered here together to make a better understanding among us, and to set a higher standard for the treatment of our patients. These efforts will surely result in higher chance of survival in our patients, and eventually, better performance of our trauma care. Moreover, which is expressed as a "Toward Excellency" slogan of this PPTC 2020, with our advanced skills, we will try to perform the best treatment for trauma patients in Korea.

I am convinced that this meeting will make a great success, and I hope all of you to enjoy this meeting.

Best regards,

Keum Seok Bae

The Korean Society of Traumatology