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1. Personal Information
First Name
Last Name
Phone(Mobile) incl. country code (ex : 82-10-1234-5678)
13th NICE Course USD 100 (KRW 100,000)
prehospital KTAT USD 150 (KRW 150,000)
ET-REBOA USD 350 (KRW 350,000)
Trauma Sonography (SECCI) USD 400 (KRW 400,000)
Welcome Reception Yes No
Registration fee USD
Workshop fee USD
Gala Dinner USD
Total USD

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Payment Bank Transfer Credit Card Complimentary

Bank Transfer
A direct bank transfer should be made to the account below.
A copy of bank transfer should be sent to the secretariat (
Please note that the remittance charge should be paid by the registrant, and the registrant's name should be clearly stated on the wire transfer.
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