List of Abstract

No. Apply No. Name 발표형식 Title
20 190032 Seungyeob Sakong Oral Presentation Clinical Results Of Rim Plating In Tibial Plateau Fractures
19 190031 tes test Oral Presentation test
18 190030 Kun Hyung Kim Oral Presentation Acupuncture combined with multimodal care for recovery after traumatic multiple rib fractures: a feasibility observational case series
17 190029 Sung Jin An Oral Presentation Blast injury in the military
16 190028 Tae Geon Kim Poster Presentation A Case of Delayed Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage after Sinus Reconstruction in Skull Base Fracture
15 190027 Kun Hyung Kim Oral Presentation Prevalence of Chronic Post-thoracotomy Pain in Patients with Traumatic Multiple Rib Fractures in South Korea: a Cross-sectional Study
14 190026 Daeguen Song Oral Presentation Gunshot wounds : Ballistics, bullet, and myths
13 190025 Eui Gyu Sin Poster Presentation A Case of Central Pontine Myelinolysis with Normal Serum Sodium Level in Traumatic Brain Injury Patient
12 190024 Chonlada Krutsri Poster Presentation Traumatic blunt-force renal artery injury in a diseased horseshoe kidney with successful embolization to treat active bleeding: a case report and literature review
11 190023 Chunlaches Chaijareenont Poster Presentation The FAST accuracy in major pelvic fracture for decision making of abdominal exploration : systematic review and meta-analysis
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