PPTC Main Program

TIME Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor) Fortress (1st Floor)
08:20~08:45 Registration
08:45~09:00 Opening Ceremony  
Opening Address: 대한외상학회 이사장
Congratulatory Address: 국군의무사령관, 대한외상학회 회장
Congratulatory Address: 일본외상학회 회장
- Akihide Kon (Hachinohe city hospital)
09:00~10:00 Session I : Military session (OrS 1)  Session II : Paramedic session (EdS) 
Session director: Giho Moon (Armed Forces Capital hospital, Korea) Session director: Jundong Moon (Kongju national university) 
Moderator 1: Young Ho Lee (Seoul National University) Moderator 1: Younghoon Yoon (Korea university Guro hospital) 
Moderator 2: Byung Seop Choi (Army Headquaters, Korea) Moderator 2: Chanyong Park (Wonkwang university hospital)
    Treatment progress and results of patients with penetraiting gunshot injury in Philippines
Dong-Wan Kang (Armed Forces Yangju hospital, Korea)
  Fluid resuscitation and shock management
Eunjwoo Kwag (Daewon University)
    Treatment progress and results of patients with self propelled Howitzers Explosion/K9 in 2017
Chulhee Park(Armed Forces Capital hospital, Korea)
  Revised GCS and traumatic brain injury
Sieun Park (Donggang University)
    Pentrating abdominal injury
Hojun Lee (Armed Forces Medical Command, Korea)
  Spinal motion restriction and transfer to definite care
Anjie Yoo (United States Forces Korea)
    Comparison of treatment outcome in patiens of M14 Anti-Personnel land mine : Below knee Amputation vs Reconstruction
Giho Moon(Armed Forces Capital hospital, Korea)
  Traumatic cardiac arrest
Jundong Moon (Kongju national university) 
10:00~11:00 Plenary session I (En) : Beyond trauma (I)        
Session director : 이영호 (서울대학교병원)
Moderator 1: 조현민 (부산대병원)
Moderator 2: 석웅 (국군의무사령관)
    대한외상학회 학회장
    Innovation of military trauma system
Byung Seop Choi (Army Headquaters, Korea)
    일본외상학회 학회장
Akihide Kon (Hachinohe city hospital)
11:00~11:30 Coffee Break
11:30~12:30 Plenary session II (En): Beyond trauma (II)      
Session director : 이영호 (서울대학교병원)
Moderator 1: Kang Hyun Lee (Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Korea)
Moderator 2: Chang Won Kim (Pusan National University, Korea)
    Non-incremental innovation for combat casualty care
Andriy I Batchinsky (US Army Institute of Surgical Research, USA)
    Trauma management system in Virginia
Andre Uflacker (University of Virginia, USA)
12:30~13:30 Luncheon- Banquet / ACT meeting- Sky lounge
13:30~14:30 Session III  :  Imaging & Intervention (OrS 2) Korea-Japan Symposium I: Bench to Bedside (OrS 3)
Session director : Chang Ho Jeon (Pusan National University, Korea) Session director : Kyung Hag Lee (National Medical Center, Korea)
Moderator 1: Sung Youl Hyun (Gachon University) Moderator 1: 조현민 (부산대)
Moderator 2: Je Hwan Won (Ajou University) Moderator 2: Mizobata Yasumitsu (Osaka City University, Japan) 
  Keynote Direction of diagnostic and interventional radiology in trauma
Je Hwan Won (Ajou University)
  Exosomes as mediators of immune-inflammatory responses after severe trauma
Koji Morishita (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)
  Oral presentation     Establishement and utilization of Korea in-depth accident study data base 
Oh Hyun Kim (Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine)
        High-dose FXIII administration is a promising treatment option for trauma-associated coagulopathy
Futoshi Nagashima (Saga University, Japan) 
        Speed of fluid does matter
Kyu Suk Kim (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital)
        The randomized multicenter controlled trial for preoperative early-induced hypothermia and its scientific rationale
Shoji Yokobori (Nippon Medical School, Japan)
14:30~15:30 Session IV : Polytrauma- PanFacial Bone Fracture (EdS) International session I : Asian Collaboration on Trauma (I) (EdS)
Session director : Dong Hee Kang (Dankook University) Session director : Chan Yong Park (Wonkwang University, Korea)
Moderator 1: Yong Ha Kim (Yeungnam Universitiy) Moderator 1: Jae Baek Lee (Chonbuk National University, Korea)
Moderator 2: Kwang Seog Kim (Chonnam National University) Moderator 2: Takashi Fujita (Teikyo University, Japan)
    The role of plastic surgery in trauma centers
Yong Ha Kim (Yeungnam University)
Sok Buntha (University of Health Sciences, Cambodia)
    Craniofacial trauma at regional emergency centers
Young Jun Chun (The Catholic University)
  Investigating the mechanism of injury in road traffic accidents: “in depth study” with engineers
Mototsugu Kohno (Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital, Japan)
    Team surgery with plastic surgeon at emergency center
Dong Hee Kang (Dankook University)
  Early experiences and outcomes of physician-bases ground transportation
kyu Hyouck Kyoung (University of Ulsan)
    Plastic surgery participation plan at the regional trauma center
Nam Kyu Lim (Dankook University)
  3-in-1 Hong Kong protocol in management of haemodynamically unstable pelvic fractures
Cheng Mina (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong)
15:30~16:00 Coffee Break (KST-안면손상학회 MOU)- Grand ballroom
16:00~17:00 Session V : 질병관리본부  International session II : Intervention for Penetrating Injury (OrS 4)
Session director : 김오현 (원주세브란스병원) Session director : Chang Ho Jeon (Pusan National University, Korea)
Moderator 1: 이무섭 (충북대) Moderator 1: Hwan Jun Jae (Seoul National University, Korea)
Moderator 2: 조현민 (부산대) Moderator 2: Hangjoo Cho (의정부성모)
      Keynote (I) Management for gunshot wound in USA, focus on Intervention
Auh Whan Park (University of Virginia, USA)
17:00~18:00 Session VI  : Role of Trauma Nurse (EdS) International session III: Free Paper (OrS 5)
Session director : Jeong Ok Park(Ajou University Hospital)  Session director : 김남렬 (고려대학교 구로병원)
Moderator 1: Jeong Ok Park (Ajou University Hospital) Moderator 1: 김효윤 (안동병원)
Moderator 2: Myoung Ran Yoo (Taegu Science University) Moderator 2: 이민구 (제주한라병원)
    Role of trauma nurse in trauma bay
Sun Mi Kim (Pusan National University Hospital Trauma ER)
Oral presentation  
    Role of trauma nurse in operation room
Je Yung Mun (Ajou University Hospital Trauma OR)
    Role of trauma nurse in trauma ICU 
Bo Kyung Kim (Wonju Severance Christian Hospital Trauma ICU)
    Role of trauma nurse in trauma ward
So Young Jung (Uijeongbu st. Mary's Hospital Trauma Ward)