List of Abstract

No. Apply No. Name 발표형식 Title
76 190076 Ye Rim Chang Oral Presentation Deployment and utilization of database: DKUH trauma center experience
75 190075 Atsushi Shiraishi Oral Presentation Advances in researches over 15 years since the establishment of Japan Trauma Data Bank
74 190074 Jun Oda Oral Presentation Overview of Japan Trauma Data Bank (JTDB) over 15 year
73 190073 Shoji Yokobori Oral Presentation HOPES Trial: The randomized multicenter controlled trial for preoperative early-induced hypothermia and its scientific rationale
72 190072 Futoshi Nagashima Oral Presentation High-dose FXIII administration is a promising treatment option for trauma-associated coagulopathy
71 190071 Mitsuaki Kojima Oral Presentation Exosomes as mediators of immune-inflammatory responses after severe trauma.
70 190070 Sungnam Moon Oral Presentation Experience of In house interventional Radiologist as a Trauma Team Activation Member
69 190069 Lee Hwangbo Oral Presentation Transarterial Embolization in the External Carotid Artery for Head and Neck Trauma: An Experience from a Level I Trauma Center
68 190068 Hyunseok Jung Poster Presentation Endovascular treatment of post-traumatic adrenal hemorrhage : Case series and review of the literature
67 190067 Sanghyun Seo Poster Presentation Role of angiographic emoblization in severe pancreas injury
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