Welcome Message

As a Chairman of the board of directors of Korea Society of Traumatology, I deeply appreciate all the participants joining this 6th Pan-Pacific Trauma Congress to be held in Busan, Korea, from 29 to 31 March 2018.

For the last few years, we have put our whole effort in establishing a high-level trauma system, good trauma education program, and a good co-operation system between civil and military trauma division, and I appreciate all the efforts made by the members of our society.

However, there are still a lot of problems to be solved, which can affect not only the independence of trauma system, but also the identity of trauma surgeons. And I truly believe that these problems can only be solved by the discussion and co-operation between us.

Thus, we are gathered here to make a better understanding of each other, and to set a higher standard of treatment for our patients. And these efforts will surely result in higher chance of survival in our patients, and eventually, better performance of our trauma centers. Also, we will find the best way to reduce the incidence of trauma, which will improve the overall performance of Korea.

I am convinced that this meeting will make a great success, and I hope all of you to enjoy this meeting.

Best regards,

Hyun Min Cho
Chairman, Board of Directors
Korean Society of Traumatology

It is a great pleasure for me to co-host the 6th Pan-Pacific Trauma Conference with the Korean Society of Traumatology and to invite trauma experts in the Pan-Pacific region.

The Armed Forces Medical Command, under close collaboration with the Korean Society of Traumatology, has been putting its utmost effort in enhancing the trauma-treating capabilities by co-hosting the combined symposium and Pan-Pacific Trauma Conference. As a result, we have newly established the Medical Air Evacuation Corps for the rapid evacuation of emergency patients and trauma patients, opened the Medical Emergency Operation Center which fulfilled the system of making prompt and timely decisions and measures regarding the on-site emergency treatment/evacuation and decisions made at the medical facilities.

Currently, the globe has confronted with diverse threats including numerous terrorisms and mass disasters. In particular, the Pan-Pacific region is faced with frequent natural disasters such as earthquake, volcano eruption and typhoons. Also, not only numerous terrorist threats are existence to us, but the size of such threats surpass the capacity of sole institution which all makes the flexible and active collaboration among relative institutions inevitable and also for the safety of citizens and the country, it is highly desirable.

In this point view, the theme "Safety Korea" of this year's conference is meaningful and as this venue strives to co-respond by civilian and military for the safety, I believe it will be a great opportunity to reinforce the mutual collaboration system that achieves the common goals. Particularly, as this year's conference is attended by not only experts in the Pan-Pacific region but also by experts of traumatology from European region to broaden the academic exchange, it will be a beneficial occasion for all and I am expecting it to act as a matter of great responsibility in both military medicine and the development of military medicine.

R.O.K. Armed Forces Medical Command